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June 25, 2022

Jack Procter

Vancouver College

My name is Jack Procter, a 2022 graduate of Vancouver College & it is truly an honour to be named this years recipient of the Kristian Domingo #11forever award. Coming into VC at Grade 8, I convinced my parents to allow me to try out for the Football program - little knowing at the time how this sport would completely shape the next 5 years of my life. For me, Football is being part of a team, it's passion, it's commitment, it’s dedication, it's a brotherhood and a support system: in short, Football mirrors my faith and my values & I know these are both qualities that Kristian embodied and embraced.

I am from a small community called Point Roberts, where everyone knows everyone, lends a hand when needed, asking nothing in return - a community where I volunteered at the Fire Hall, the Community Gardens and regularly pitched in to help to my neighbours. Football still plays an important role in my life!  I currently am on the football team at Washington State University & studying Kinesiology.  VC will forever hold a special place in my heart because VC is also a community - one that became a home away from home. This was especially true during the pandemic when I was forced to live apart from my parents & family in order to continue attending VC. It was during this time that I drew strength from my faith, my friends but most especially my school.

I am humbled to receive this award and will continue to walk humbly with God.