#11 Forever Awards

Leadership, Faith & Pursuit of Excellence

Kristian Domingo, a graduate of the Class of 2014, was a “13 year man” who excelled as a student athlete and gained recognition for his dedication to both the football and basketball programs at Vancouver College.  He was recognized for his leadership, hard work and tenacity in doing the best he could, both on and off the field or court.

He chose #11 for his jerseys in memory of his friend Mitchell Ho, a reminder to him of someone who lived  life to the fullest, even in the face of adversity. #11 symbolized courage, hope and fight for Kristian. He received “Most Inspirational Award” on a number of occasions for his ability to draw the best from his teammates and classmates.

Kristian was diagnosed with a rare cancer the day after his graduation ceremony at Vancouver College. True to his character, he never gave up.  He rose to the challenges he faced and lived his life the best way he could.  Though he had to give up competitive sports, he did not want to fall behind and continued his studies at UBC to fulfill his dream of becoming a veterinarian.  Kristian found strength and courage from his faith, family and friends. He never lost hope.

Awarded annually at various high schools and post secondary institutions, the #11Forever Award is given to students who exemplify qualities of leadership, faith and pursuit of excellence by inspiring others within the community.  These individuals are the link to create a team environment where everyone can combine their efforts to excel together.  Concentrating on team efforts, these students are able to motivate through their actions and words to empower peers and teammates to become better versions of themselves.


Kylie Brind

University of British Columbia


Kylie was born and raised in the Greater Vancouver area, and is currently attending the University of British Columbia where she is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Applied Animal Biology. She hopes to one day achieve her dream of becoming a veterinarian, a goal which she has held for herself since she was only in elementary school. Throughout her undergraduate studies at UBC, various chronic health issues have presented many hardships and difficulties but Kylie has remained determined to continue with her studies as well as her current work with animals in the local community. Although medical difficulties have tested her motivation to pursue her academic career on multiple occasions over the past few years, Kylie is proud to be soon coming to the completion of her undergraduate degree, and looking forward to continuing to pursue her educational goals in veterinary medicine in the upcoming future.