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September 1, 2021

Lara Rebeiro

Little Flower Academy

Honoured to be to be presented with this award, Lara Rebeiro is currently completing her final year at Little Flower Academy. Kristian’s story is one of strength, of resilience, and teaches us the importance of community and family. She hopes that she can continue to model Kristian’s example during her graduating year, and into her years at University.

Lara has been an active member of the Little Flower community through her participation in numerous clubs, one of which being the Model UN club. She has won multiple awards, including two Best Delegate awards and numerous Best and Outstanding Large Delegation awards. Lara continues to be an active member of the Choral Music program and the LFA Field Hockey teams. Ever since her grade eight year, she has been voted as a member of her class’ student council, a role she thoroughly dedicates herself to. Lara was originally chosen as one of 10 new Peer Mediators from her class, and worked to fulfill that position by putting other students and her community ahead of herself. Her dedication to her role as a member of the Core Campus Ministry team, which allows Lara to spread her faith to others in her school community. Her faith is of key importance to her, and allows her to find balance and peace in her life. She is proud to have been selected as an LFA Prefect, a role that reflects her eagerness to serve others, and her openness and friendliness. Aside from the #11 Forever Award, Lara has also received the Brother D.A. French Merit award and the Vincent T. Wong Scholarship.

Receiving the #11 Forever award and to be recognized for upholding values identical to those Kristian held is incredibly humbling. Lara remains in awe and is inspired by the model that Kristian set, and will continue to work to spread the love and values that Krisitian so willingly shared with the world. She is extremely thankful that God has brought an amazing person and caring family into her life.