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November 30, 2020

Nico Saguin

Vancouver College

I’m honoured to receive the 2020 #11forever award and I would like to introduce myself. My name is Nico Saguin and I’m 18 years old and currently attending UBC. I attended Vancouver College since kindergarten and graduated this past June. At VC, I enjoyed playing football and basketball. After multiple concussions, I became the Varsity football team’s videographer and manager during their championship run in 2019. I also helped coach the Grade 8 football team at Vancouver College because of the tremendous impact the sport had on my life, and I wanted to help develop the future of VC football. In the summers I volunteer at Camp Goodtimes, a summer camp for kids who are diagnosed with cancer. The reason I volunteer is to give back to the community that helped my family when my brother had leukemia. But I have a genuine passion for digital media and film. Shooting creative videos and making short films brings me joy and inspires me to be creative. During these unusual times, I have spent a lot of time with family while also attending classes online at UBC to transfer to the film production program next fall.