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January 1, 2020

James Roy Catingub

Corpus Christi College

James Roy Catingub is a recent graduate from Corpus Christi College, having completed his Associate’s Degree. He aspires to become a secondary school teacher.

Catholicism is an indispensable part of James’ life as he seeks to live a life faithful to God and the Catholic Church. James serves his parish community as an altar server and core member of the Young Adults group. James is also an active member of Catholic Christian Outreach, at the University of British Columbia, where he reaches out to students to learn about God and the Catholic faith. As well, James serves Couples for Christ-Singles for Christ: he shares his passion for Catholicism through talks and small groups. For James, everything he does flows from the desire to love God and neighbour.

James is grateful to the Domingo family and the Kristian Domingo Foundation for receiving the Kristian Domingo Award. James hopes to be someone who continually extols the values and virtues that Kristian displayed, most especially those that prioritize faith and family. James is especially honoured to be part of a legacy that continues to support and inspire young people in pursuing their dreams.