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January 1, 2018

Serena Lam

Little Flower Academy

Humbled to be a recipient of the Kristian Domingo #11 Forever Award, Serena Lam is currently a Grade Twelve student at Little Flower Academy. Always enthusiastic and ready to assist her peers and build each other up, Serena has developed holistically through her active participation in multiple clubs and a rewarding leadership history within the LFA community. She was selected as leader of Encounter XXXI and the Liturgy Club, elected into the General Student Council in Tenth Grade, and chosen to be one of the six members in the Model UN Club’s Secretariat, all of which she demonstrates commitment and dedication whenever and wherever possible. For three years in a row, Serena was awarded with the Class Excellence Gold Medals for achieving the highest overall academic average in her grade. She has been given the honour to serve as an LFA Prefect as demonstrated by her willingness to always serve with compassion, sincerity and gratitude. Serena is constantly on the lookout for more opportunities to expand her experiences and foster personal contact. She has enjoyed her service to the Community Care Club since Grade Eight, paying monthly visits to Ronald McDonald House near BC Children’s Hospital just to be reminded every time by the children how healing can be a blissful journey when there is resilience.

Serena is honoured to be acknowledged by the #11 Forever Award, but is even more in awe of the inspiring life story behind it written by Mr. Kristian Domingo. Kristian’s strength, bravery and hope in face of uncertainty is a legacy that Serena will hold close to heart and share with those around her through love in action. Last but surely not least, she would like to express her gratitude to the Domingo Family and the Lord for granting her this scholarship whilst introducing into her life an extraordinary human being and a loving family.