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June 20, 2021

Parsa Heydarzadeh

Vancouver College

My name is Parsa Heydarzadeh, and I am honoured to have been the recipient of the #11ForeverAward in 2021. I attended Vancouver College since Grade 8 and am currently attending Queen’s University as a member of the Varsity Football team and the Smith Commerce program. During my time at Vancouver College, I was proudly part of both the basketball and football programs, bringing home a football championship in 2019. The brotherhood created through these programs is something no one can take away and is still present to this day. It is truly a privilege to have received this award, being considered someone who inspires and empowers the people surrounding me to be the best version of themselves.

I would like to thank the Domingo Family for recognizing me with this award and for being a model to all of how to turn adversity into a spark of inspiration. I would also like to thank Vancouver College for putting me into positions that allowed my leadership to flourish and for creating a 5-year journey that I will never forget. Finally, thank you to all who helped my family’s battle with cancer and for being behind me throughout the whole fight. My goal is to be successful in all things I pursue while continuing to inspire the people around me and to make my mother proud.