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On May 7, 2017, we were very grateful to have one of our family members participate in the 2017 BMO Vancouver Marathon. Kathleen "Kizzie" Domingo (Josh's wife) dedicated her first half-marathon run to Kristian Domingo. She described how nervous she was, having never participated in a run of this caliber before. She also described it as one of the hardest challenges she has ever had to overcome. Yet, despite all that, her inspiration and drive to finish the race and not quit were prominent because of Kristian. His amazing strength and determination to live life to his fullest and not let his cancer dictate his life allowed her to run just as hard as he had fought. She also shared that Kristian had participated in and finished the 10k Sun Run on April 17, 2016, while still undergoing cancer treatment. She stated “though his lungs were not at full capacity, he was still so determined, and proved that there was nothing that could limit him from doing what he wanted to do.”

Kathleen mentioned that, during her run, she struggled around 16km mark and started to lose hope; however, around the 18km mark, she felt a wave of energy rush over her. At that moment, she knew it was Kristian helping her push through it! Kristian always believed in family. He was always helping us and bringing us together and, knowing Kristian, he would never leave us behind. Kathleen was able to raise $2,818 for Canuck Place, where Kristian spent his last few days before passing away on August 16, 2016.

Her fundraising page and story was featured by the BMO Vancouver Marathon 2017 Blog and the Canuck Place Family Advisory Council (FAC) newsletter.

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